Join the fight against stupidty! Think for the cure!

Our Mission

People often say, “There’s no cure for stupidity,” but we beg to differ. We believe that through education and intentional brain usage, people can overcome their tendency toward less than intelligent behavior, even in cases of heredity.

The brain is very powerful, but like an athlete’s muscles, it requires regular exercise to remain strong. When one fails to use their brain over a period of time, it becomes much like atrophied muscle tissue, diminishing in strength and ability. We are seeing this happen to more and more people at an alarming rate. Just think how many stupid people you encounter on a daily basis now compared to ten or twenty years ago. There is a marked increase, but we believe there is hope to stop this epidemic. At SMART, we are striving to increase awareness of this ever growing problem and to encourage people to not only attain (and retain) knowledge, but to actually use it. With your help, we believe we can halt, and possibly even begin to reverse, the “dumbing down” of our society.